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How Quickly Can You Lose Weight While Staying Healthy?

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Nobody wants to struggle with a diet plan or a weight loss regimen for any longer than he or she must.

This anxiousness drives many people to subscribe to programs that render significant weight loss in very short amounts of time, but often this so-called “benefit” ultimately causes people to suffer greatly from various avoidable health problems. So how quickly can a person lose weight while staying healthy at the same time? It turns out that the answer is heavily dependent on the person in question.

Your Body’s Needs

How quickly you are able to lose weight in proportion to how that weight loss ultimately affects your overall health is an equation that is generally specific to how your body functions. Some people are just naturally bigger people with slower metabolisms while others seem to burn through calories like a wildfire and stay perpetually thin. Depending on your body type, the amount of weight you lose will directly affect your major bodily functions quite significantly. In order to lose weight while staying healthy, you will have to take these factors into consideration first.

Your Weight Loss Goals

It is important to note that your personal weight-loss goals play a huge role in how healthy you end up being after you lose a significant amount of weight. While it is the habit of some folks to really push the envelope, others tend to place the bar too low. In the end, both parties wind up surprised by the outcome of their weight loss and often find themselves confused and grossly unhealthy due to their unattainable or unrealistic goals. People who are easily able to lose weight while staying healthy are the ones who set up reasonable goals and move toward them with self-discipline until the finish line is reached.

Your Best Advice

As any personal care physician or professional will tell you that it is often impossible for some people to lose weight while staying healthy, especially if they do it all too quickly. Certain body types are just reluctant to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean desperate and unhealthy measures should be taken. In addition, those people who tend to lose weight quickly on their own should be cautious when using any sort of weight loss supplement or medication, as doing so can cause an unsafe drop in weight. Talk to your doctor for a more specific breakdown as far as what a healthy amount of weight loss would be for you.


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