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8 Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods for Weight Loss

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Did you know that there are natural appetite suppressing foods that could help you achieve your weight loss goals?



Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods Include:


1. Barley


Even though you might think barley is a bad idea if you are trying to lose weight because it is high in carbs, the truth is that this is actually one of the best appetite suppressing foods out there. This grain has a combo of dietary fibers that make you feel full and keep you full while giving you energy.


2. Spinach


In addition to being loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, spinach is also one of the top appetite suppressing foods for those who want to lose some weight. That’s because this leafy green contains thylakoids that could help to reduce the amount of food that you need to eat throughout the day in order to feel satisfied and energized.


3. Flaxseeds


They may be small, but when it comes to appetite suppression, flaxseeds are definitely mighty. These little seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, both of which naturally help to suppress your appetite. Just a tablespoon will give you roughly 4 grams of beneficial fats and 3 grams of fiber. This means that eating flaxseeds could help you feel full as you are working on cutting calories from your daily diet.


4. Avocado


Eating avocados is great for your body in a variety of ways, but the high dose of healthy fats that you can derive from this yummy food is what could help you keep your calorie intake in check. The healthy fat known as oleic acid that is in avocados will help to fill you up quickly and control your hunger.


5. Red Chili Peppers


You might think of spicy peppers like red chili peppers as a good choice when you want to eat foods that will help boost your metabolic rate, but these are also some of the top appetite suppressing foods that you can incorporate into your diet to keep your hunger in check. The capsaicin in these peppers could help your body burn more calories while also curbing your hunger.


6. Salad


In addition to being low in calories, salads that contain a variety of vegetables could be really nourishing. But did you know that having a small salad before you have a meal could even help you feel fuller and help you consume fewer calories overall? Salads satisfy you and keep you full because they give your body a lot of hydration through the water in the veggies. On top of that, you’re getting plenty of filling fiber too.


7. Soup


Like salads, low-calorie soups give your body a high amount of water to help you feel full. But research has also shown that having soup as a snack in between meals might even help keep your appetite under control.


8. Fruit


Whether you have it for breakfast or a snack, fruit is a great way to give your body a dose of nutrients and fiber with plenty of hydration to fill you up and keep you full. The key is to have whole fruit rather than juice.

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