Bontril Replacement

Bontril Replacement Phentramin-d Diet Pills May be the Ideal Weight Loss Drug for You

Bontril is one of the most prescribed and effective appetite suppressants available. It is a short-term weight loss aid that helps in the treatment of obesity and is sold in two different phendimetrazine dosage forms: 35 mg and 105 mg. That said, while it may be an effective formula for some individuals, those who don't meet the necessary requirements to obtain their doctor's approval to take this medication, may still find success with Bontril replacement Phentramin-d diet pills.

What is Phentramin-d? It is a scientifically formulated diet drug that is designed to suppress the appetite, boost the body's energy and even help the body burn fat. What's more, one bonus that many dieters find appealing is that Bontril replacement Phentramin-d diet pills don't require a prescription. Furthermore, they are considered safer than prescription anorectic drugs yet still provide similar results.

In addition, unlike other non-prescription weight management aids, Phen-d does not contain herbs or other natural substances. This unique formulation is actually made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The active ingredients in the product are 1,3,7, Trimethylxantine and 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride. These two compounds help the cyclic AMP in the body process like it was meant to and, in so doing, help give you an energy boost, increases metabolism and reduces hunger pangs, enabling you to consume less and burn more without feeling tired. Therefore, this diet pill is prescription-strength without requiring the Rx to go along with it.

Also worth mentioning is Bontril replacement Phentramin-d diet pills are said to be fast acting, so users of the formula won't have to wait months to see results. Many of the claims made about the drug state that an individual taking Phen-d can lose up to 25 pounds in one month. That said, remember that if you want effective results you need to follow the directions accurately and understand that this drug is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise; it is used in combination with them.

Another great Bontril replacement Phentramin-d diet pills fact is that unlike Bontril, Phentramin-d is not similar to amphetamines. Therefore, it will not cause side effects, such as addiction. Moreover, the overall risk of side effects is far lower when taking the Phen-d Bontril alternative.

Do keep in mind, however, that just because Bontril replacement Phentramin-d diet pills do carry a lower risk and do not require the approval of a medical professional, this doesn't mean that you should not first speak with your physician before taking this drug. You should always consult with you healthcare provider before taking any substance to help you manage your weight.

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