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Friday, 15 July 2016 00:00

Botox for Weight Loss: The Latest Trend

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If you’ve been watching the news for the latest weight loss trends, then you may be familiar with the concept of using botox for weight loss.

However, what people want to know more about is whether or not it does effectively produce fat loss.

That said, it’s still very important to understand how botox for weight loss is supposed to work before you find out if it’s effective.  The idea, according to a meta-analysis published in the GI Endoscopy journal, is to inject Botox A into the digestive system.  It’s called an intragastric injection.

The concept is to help people whose obesity is caused by impairments in feeling satisfied by an appropriate amount of food.  When those signals aren’t working properly between the stomach and brain, it can lead the hunger signals to continue for much longer than they should.  That can cause overeating as well as a full range of other problems that can result in weight gain.

The Botulinum toxin A is a type of neurotoxin derived from bacteria.  This substance typically leads to temporary muscular paralysis when injected into the body.  Therefore, when injected into the stomach, it can slow digestion.  That means food remains in the stomach much longer and indicates to the brain that more food is not necessary – after all, there’s already some in there.  When that signal arrives at the brain, it stops the brain from sending hunger signals so you don’t feel as inclined to eat.  This can mean you’ll feel full from a smaller meal or that this satiety will last longer between meals.

When the researchers analyzed the data from 8 different studies that looked into this technique, they found there was a great deal of variance from one study to the next.  The researchers didn’t all use the same injection point or amount of botox for weight loss.  Some required participants to restrict their diets while others didn’t.  Some also had randomized control subjects where saline was used instead of botox, while others didn’t.  This made a solid comparison rather hard to accomplish.

Overall, it did suggest that there is a chance that using botox injections into the stomach has the potential to be useful for weight loss. However, it also indicated that additional research is needed to determine the best procedures. 

For now, using a high quality diet pill such as 3G Burn, which contains appetite suppressants and fat burners can indeed make a difference. 


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