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These Deceptive Diet Foods are Loaded with Calories

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There are a lot of deceptive diet foods out there that aren’t all that good for you after all. In fact, some foods that claim to be good for your waistline are actually packed with unwanted calories.

Which foods should you be wary of? Keep reading to learn about a few of the top culprits. 

Whole Wheat Pasta

If you thought that you could still get your pasta fix by simply switching from white pasta to whole wheat pasta, think again. Unfortunately, this is one of the top deceptive diet foods because just a ¼ cup contains roughly 220 calories. If you must have pasta, just have a bit as a side dish rather than having it as a main course, and be sure to combine it with a variety of vegetables so you can feel fuller on fewer carbs and calories.


A lot of dieters reach for some granola for breakfast or for a snack, and while granola is a healthier option than other sugary treats, it should be consumed in moderation. Like pasta, there could be more than 200 calories in a mere ¼ cup of granola, so stick with having small amounts.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy oil that provides quite a few benefits, but moderation is the key. If you have just a single tablespoon of olive oil, you can expect to ingest around 120 calories. As an alternative, you can use a cooking spray when preparing your meals.


Ditching bread in favor of bagels because you think they won’t hurt your diet? This is another common mistake made by many people who consider bagels a healthy option. The truth is that a bagel could have around 500 calories, and that doesn’t include any of the jam or cream cheese you put on it. Scooping out the excess dough and using a small amount of your preferred topping is the best way to enjoy this food.


Delicious and versatile avocados do contain a lot of healthy fats, but when you’re trying to lose weight, you should be careful because a medium-sized avocado could have around 300 calories that could throw your diet off course. To enjoy the flavor of avocado without going overboard, spread it in a thin layer or mix it into salsas.

With the ability to recognize deceptive diet foods, you’ll be ready to make better choices regarding what you eat every day, especially if you’re on a diet and hoping to lose weight. In addition to eating right and staying active, you can also burn additional calories by taking a weight management supplement like Phendimetrazine.

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