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How to Find Your Perfect Exercise Match

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When you’re trying to find your perfect exercise match, it can feel like you’re seeking your heart’s true love. Both efforts can feel overwhelming and as though there are thousands – if not millions – of potential choices.

 However, just because you have lots of options, it doesn’t mean you’ll know which one is perfect for you.

Therefore, to find your perfect exercise match, you will need to come up with a similar type of screening process to one you’d use if you were dating.  After all, you’re looking for your workout soul mate! 

Use the following tips to help to give you an advantage in being able to find your perfect exercise:

Make a list – list every exercise you can think of, regardless of whether or not you’ve tried it.  Take your time and try to be as thorough as you can.  Include both indoor and outdoor activities.  Ask friends and family members for contributions and look them up online for inspiration, too.

Make three new lists – using your original list of exercises, go over each option and create a list for each of these categories: tried and liked, open to trying, tried and liked/ won’t try.  Have a look at what you’ve added to each category and look for things they have in common.  For example, do many of the options you don’t want to try involve team sports?  Do they involve a lot of equipment and the need to drive to specific locations? Are they all practiced in a gym?  What do the options you like or are willing to try have in common? Are they things you can do on your own? Are they things you can do with a friend? Are they all activities you can do indoors? Are they all things that get you outside? Find trends that will help you to better understand what interests and appeals to you.

Sample appealing activities – have a look at the lists of activities you’ve tried and liked or that you are open to trying.  Start at the top and decide to try each of them a minimum of two times – ideally, three times. Before trying each one, be prepared.  Understand what you should wear and what equipment you will require.  Know that your first “date” with an exercise doesn’t necessarily show you what it’s all about.  It’s more of an initial impression.  Give yourself at least one, if not two more times to test the exercise out to really start getting to know it. 

Narrow your list – as you test the activities, you’ll gain an even better understanding of what you like and what you don’t.  For many people, this is quite eye opening.  They love things they never expected to like or they find things they thought they’d love to be tedious. Keep an open mind!

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