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Top Fish Oil Alternatives for a Weight Loss Diet

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We hear so much about fish oil and just how healthy it can be. It wasn’t until recent years that we even recognized the need for this and understood exactly how it worked. We now understand that if we want to be our healthiest and best, we need Omega 3 fatty acids in our diet.

The news came out recently though that utilizing these supplements could also help with weight loss. In addition to the obvious though many wondered if there might be any good fish oil alternatives that could help to get the same results, and the good news is that there are and it’s time to utilize them.

You may wonder what is wrong with just using fish oil directly and that’s a valid consideration. Some people complain about the taste while others have dietary issues with it. If for example you are a vegan then you aren’t going to want to take fish oil directly for it may have a negative impact on how you maintain your diet. There are several reasons why somebody might look into alternatives for the proven fish oil, and they are all valid. The good news is that there is a spotlight on some great options that may offer many of the same benefits.

Though fish oil is a proven method for better health and true and lasting weight loss, there are other options out there. If you want to know some of the best fish oil alternatives here is the list and they are all wonderful in what they have to offer.

Flaxseed Oil: Though some people will say that this doesn’t work quite as effectively, it can offer you a nice concentration of omega 3 fatty acids. The key here is that you need to take in enough of it to truly help with your weight loss overall. It can help and it can ensure that you take in this key nutrient, but you also must ensure proper dosage for it to be effective. It is healthy overall and it may help you in a really big way and so many are turning to it as a great alternative. It may not be quite as potent as fish oil specifically, but it’s a wonderful option to try out.

Coconut Oil: Though you might not necessarily think of this as one of the top fish oil alternatives, it can offer some of the same benefits. It may help provide you with some good fat and may even assist with weight loss. It may help with fat burning and though it may not necessarily work quite as well or as quickly, it can offer some tremendous help as a supplement. You want to be sure that you use coconut oil in your cooking and food preparation and that you turn to it as one of your main sources of good fat. It will help the fat burning to happen and you can enjoy many other health benefits in the process, which is truly a win/win!

Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA): You may not know it by name but it is truly powerful, much in the same way that fish oil can be. It can be found naturally in some foods such as vegetable oils or green vegetables, but taking it as a supplement can ensure proper dosage. It’s worth a try if you are a true vegan or if you want something other than fish oils for a nice option. It can help with fat burning and it may help with long term weight loss, but it can also help to give your body what it needs and therefore ensure that you get results. This can be used on its own or even with fish oils, but the bottom line is that it’s worth giving a try if you want to see how fat burning can work in a healthy manner.

Spirulina Powder: In essence this is dried algae in powder form and it can be quite helpful in your diet as a supplement. It is a dense source of omega 3 fatty acids and it has been shown to offer many of the same benefits. You can add this to a smoothie quite easily and enjoy some wonderful effects because of it. You can enjoy it without even tasting it because in powder form it goes to work all behind the scenes. You may want to enjoy this and see if it works whether you continue on with the fish oil or not. It is being hailed as one of the best fish oil alternatives out there and so it’s worth a try if you want to go for another option in your diet. 

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