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Healthiest Frozen Foods to Always Have in Your Freezer

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One of the biggest challenges of eating healthfully is that most nutrient dense foods are perishable.  This means that you must either make multiple trips to the supermarket every week – something few of us have time to do – or risk having it spoil, losing both the food and the money used to pay for it.  

Knowing the healthiest frozen foods can help you to get around that problem. 

Learning the healthiest frozen foods will let you keep your freezer stocked up each week.  That way, you can eat the fresh food first and fall back on the frozen options later in the week.  The great thing about using this technique is that you not only save yourself trips to the grocery store, but you also won’t lose any nutritional value.  Unlike canned food, which has had much of the nutritional value cooked out of it (not to mention being high in sodium), frozen foods keep the nutrients intact.

Make sure you always have the healthiest frozen foods in your freezer and healthful eating will suddenly become much easier for you.

Fruit – This is a great option for making smoothies, or even to use as frozen dessert treats.  Once your bananas are ripe, the will turn black very quickly.  Keep the number you’ll use right away and break up the rest in a freezer bag or freezer container.  Frozen grapes are a shockingly tasty dessert treat.  Freezing berries, pieces of melon, peaches, pears and other fruits means you’ll always have them in your kitchen when you need them.

Vegetables – Not all veggies freeze well, but the vast majority of them do.  Freeze fresh veggies before they start to spoil so you always have them handy, or simply buy frozen veggies from the freezer section of your grocery store.  They’re often cheaper than fresh and are just as nutritious.

Whole grain rice – love to add whole grain rice to your meals but don’t have the time to wait around for the extra time it takes to cook?  Cook a larger batch and freeze it in portions so you’ll be set for the next few meals.

Steel cut oats – you may have heard that eating steel cut oats every morning is great way to feel full, lose weight and keep your cholesterol down.  You’re right, but they do need at least 20 minutes to cook which most of us don’t have in the morning.  Instead, use the time on the weekend to make a huge batch that you can freeze in portions.  Take one out of the freezer at night before going to bed so it will be thawed in the fridge the next morning.  Nuke it in the microwave and add a touch of milk for creaminess and berries for flavor and a nutrient boost (possibly frozen berries!).  The perfect breakfast can take less than a minute to prepare in this way.

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