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Wednesday, 28 August 2019 09:00

How to Lose 100 Pounds Quickly and Safely

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Do you have a lot of weight to lose? Are you interested in how to lose 100 pounds quickly and safely so that you can begin your journey towards a slimmer, healthier body, and so you can reach your target weight sooner rather than later? 


If you have been struggling with weight loss for a long time, you might not have been following the right strategies along the way. To help you along, we have compiled a list on how to lose 100 pounds, but it is also a smart idea to talk to your doctor for personalized tips and guidance, in addition to following the guidelines below. The combination of wise weight loss strategies at home and your doctor’s guidance can help you achieve your goals surprisingly quickly.

How to Lose 100 Pounds in a Safe and Effective Manner

1. Incorporate a Weight Management Supplement

By now, you have probably looked up how to lose 100 pounds quickly, and you have likely come across a lot of weight loss products that promise amazing results in no time at all. If you have tried those products, you probably realized that they did not really live up to their claims. This is so common, so you are not alone!

The key is to find the right weight management supplement that will support your weight loss efforts as you work on eating right every day and exercising at least a few times per week. A great example is FENFAST 375, which you can purchase over the counter. This particular diet pill can support your efforts to slim down by giving you more energy and focus that you can use to lead an active lifestyle and follow a low-calorie, nutritious diet. Plus, FENFAST 375 is manufactured in the United States, and it contains high-quality ingredients that have been clinically studied.

However, the key here is to also diet and exercise while you are taking a high-quality diet pill.  

2. Eat More Earlier in the Day

According to WebMD, having a bigger breakfast and a smaller dinner is one of the ways that you can lose a lot of weight, particularly when you are curious about how to lose 100 pounds. That’s because those who eat more food earlier in the day, specifically in the morning, and who also eat less food at night, typically end up shedding more pounds.

How can you be sure you are having a good breakfast to keep you on track towards weight loss? Just a few simple strategies can do the trick:

  • Make it high in protein. This will help keep you full for longer, so you will be less hungry later on, and you will end up eating less.
  • Rather than having a high-protein shake, stick with solid foods. And make them warm and nourishing.
  • Don’t eat animal products? No problem! A high-protein breakfast might include tofu or tempeh, quinoa oatmeal, chia pancakes, and breakfasts that incorporate ingredients like nut butters.
  • Try to put together a breakfast that contains around 25 grams of protein, but keep it to around 400 calories max.

3. Make Plans and Track Your Progress

If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, a plan is necessary. When it comes to how to lose 100 pounds, you need to plan out not only how much weight you hope to lose, but how you will go about doing so. With this written down, you will know the path that you need to take.

Then, to stay on track, keep a log of what you eat, and how and when you exercise, by using one of the many convenient food diary and fitness apps that are out there. These can also be really handy when it comes to counting calories and controlling portions—two other important components to any smart weight loss plan, especially when you want to lose a lot of weight.

Now You Know How to Lose 100 Pounds!


Now that you know how to lose pounds quickly and safely, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than right now to embark on your weight loss journey, and to work towards getting the body that you want. Be consistent in your efforts and take your time so that you can ensure you will not jeopardize your overall health and your well-being in the process of slimming down. 



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