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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 15:49

Is the Love Hormone Oxytocin Making Your Eating Decisions For You?

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Oxytocin is a word that you have probably heard, but you might not know what it is. Put simply, this is a hormone in your body, and it plays a role in everything from anxiety and trust, to social interaction and the bond between mother and infant. Also known as the “love hormone,” there might be more to oxytocin, though. 


According to new research, it might have an effect on the areas of your brain that control your eating decisions. Therefore, experts are beginning to think about whether or not oxytocin might serve as a viable treatment for tackling obesity. Continue reading to learn more. 


What Does the Love Hormone Do with Relation to Eating?


How can a hormone that is associated with your social interactions have any impact on your eating habits? Well, it basically causes reward signals that are associated with food to weaken. 


In the end, oxytocin can impact your metabolism, as well as your eating habits. And, it can even change the way that obese people process photos of foods that are high in calories. Pretty amazing, right?


Can Oxytocin Be Used as a Treatment for Obesity?


Considering that the love hormone can have such a profound effect on eating habits, researchers are contemplating whether or not a new drug that utilizes oxytocin can be used to treat obesity. 


According to Medical News Today, some research has already been conducted in this area. A nasal spray containing the love hormone was studied, but it hasn’t been approved as a treatment option in the United States yet. It basically works by interacting with circuits in the brain that affect eating behaviors. 


Now, experts are hoping that new information into how oxytocin can affect people’s habits will lead them towards using this hormone to treat obesity, as well as overeating. Newer research involving 10 overweight or obese men showed that oxytocin could have a positive impact without any side effects. 


Want to Change Your Habits and Lose Weight? Talk to Your Doctor


If you are overweight or obese, and you have been having a lot of trouble shedding those excess pounds, especially because you can’t seem to control your eating habits, it is definitely time to talk to your doctor. Even if oxytocin isn’t yet used as a common treatment for obesity, there are other options available that you can try with your doctor’s advice and guidance. Gaining control over your eating behavior is a major step towards losing the weight that is taking its toll on your health. 


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