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How to Make Your Metabolism Run Faster According to Dietitians

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What is your metabolism? It’s basically the speed at which your body burns energy. Therefore, if you can make your metabolism run faster, you will burn through more energy, and that can help you lose more weight over time. But, how can you go about making your metabolism run faster? Check out the tips below to get started. 


Be More Active Every Day


The basic rule to follow is that, if you are too sedentary, your metabolism will likely slow down. On the other hand, if you become more physically active, you can increase your metabolism. 


According to My Body + Soul, up to 20% of the energy that you consume through food will be used up during any physical activity. So, getting more active can be one of the easiest ways to affect your metabolism. 


Whether you hit the gym, go for a brisk walk, lift weights, or spend more time playing with your kids, the important thing is to get up and move around. Avoid sitting for too long at work, too, so consider making it a point to get up every now and then to walk around. Even small changes, such as taking the stairs rather than the escalator or the elevator, can make a difference when it comes to being more active every day. 


Focus on Exercises That Increase Your Strength


Another important step to take when you hope to make your metabolism run faster is: increase your strength by building more muscle throughout your body. That’s because, if you have bigger muscles, your body will need to burn through more energy, even while you are at rest, in order to maintain that muscle mass. 


If you don’t really like lifting weights to build strength, there are plenty of other workouts that you can try instead, such as yoga and Pilates, which use the weight of your own body as resistance to increase the strength of your muscles, from your core and your back, to your arms and your legs. 


Is Your Slow Metabolism Caused by a Health Problem?


If your metabolism is slow no matter how hard you try to make your metabolism run faster, it’s a great idea to see your doctor to talk about it. There might be an underlying health condition, such as an underactive thyroid, so be sure to discuss all of your symptoms with your physician. With the right diagnosis and treatment, you can get your metabolism back on track. 


Using the tips above, you can take steps towards maintaining a healthy metabolic rate. But, in addition to helping to boost your metabolism, being more active and building more muscle mass is also great for your overall health, so you will be taking smart steps daily to keep your body going strong. 


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