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How to Read Nutrition Labels When You Are Trying to Lose Weight

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When you are trying to lose weight, it is important that you pay close attention to the activities you perform as well as to the foods you eat.  Getting proper nutrition fuels your body to perform at its peak

It also prevents you from packing on even more pounds.  As such, it is essential to you learn how to accurately read nutrition labels on the items you buy.  Otherwise, you could be consuming otherwise “healthy” foods that end up having the opposite effect on your body.


Check out the Saturated Fats Section

The consumption of saturated fat is linked directly to a number of serious health problems including but not limited to: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, and uncontrollable weight gain.  Before you start putting things in your cart at the grocery store, check out the nutrition labels for the saturated fat content.  Look for low numbers, as this is a sign of a much healthier food.


Be Mindful of the Sodium Content

Did you know that sodium can make you gain weight if you consume too much of it?  Aside from all the other potential dangers associated with excess sodium consumption, it can actually prevent you from being able to shed unwanted pounds.  This extra weight comes in the form of stored water, but it can be avoided if you read nutrition labels before you make any purchases at the market.


Look for Some Fiber

As someone who is mindful of their dietary choices, you should already be aware of the excellent attributes of adequate fiber.  Nutrition labels are required to list the amount of fiber in each serving, and you should pay close attention to that information.  Foods that are high in fiber will help you lose weight because they will make you feel fuller for longer.  On top of that, they can act as a flushing agent – ridding your body of that excess water weight you gained from eating foods that were high in sodium.


Monitor Your Caloric Intake

Although not the most important factor, the number of calories you consume plays a vital role in how easily you are able to lose weight.  Before you pick out a food, especially a pre-packaged one, be sure to read the nutrition labels.  Look for a low number of calories and try to stay away from sugars too, as those may make you gain weight despite the low caloric value of the food itself.



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