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Do You Need an Obesity Treatment or Dieting Aid?

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Losing weight when you are overweight is tough, but when you are obese, it can seem impossible to slim down to a healthy weight. Many obese individuals find that they just get really exhausted by the process, and they get tired of constantly being told that it’s only about eating less food and putting in more time at the gym. If you’re one of those people, you certainly aren’t alone. 


Do you need an obesity treatment, or should you look into a dieting aid, if you are struggling on your weight loss journey? You might be surprised by how much more successful you can be with the right support in place. 


Obesity Goes Beyond Diet and Exercise


According to CBS News, a paper that was published in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology stated that obesity is a chronic condition that has biological causes. In other words, people don’t always become obese merely because they lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume an unhealthy diet.  


Because obesity can be caused by biology, rather than just diet and activity level, some individuals might find that they are able to lose weight for a few months after starting a new weight loss program. Unfortunately, upwards of 95% of those people will end up gaining the weight again over time. 


Obesity treatment might be the next step when diet and exercise no longer work for those who are struggling and who are obese because of underlying biological issues. 


Obesity Treatment Might Be the Solution for You


Today’s obesity treatment doesn’t solely involve counting calories anymore. Now, there are advanced treatments, such as prescriptions and surgeries, that can help obese individuals slim down with much better long-term results. 


There is even a device that has the ability to block a person’s vagal nerve, thereby affecting the communication between organs and the stomach. And, weight loss surgery, in particular, can be beneficial for obese patients because it can help them not only slim down, but also reverse diabetes. 


Unfortunately, your doctor may not prescribe these options right away. That’s why being informed is key. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask About Obesity Treatment Dieting Aids


As experts further study the link between biology and obesity, more breakthroughs will inevitably come. In the meantime, whether you talk to your doctor about your options in terms of prescription weight loss products and dieting aids, or you want to look into weight loss surgery, it’s important to know that you have options. 


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