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Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol for a Better Body

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You might think that having alcoholic beverages every now and then to unwind or to reduce stress is a good idea, but there are several reasons, five of which are listed below, why you should stop drinking alcohol altogether, especially if you want to achieve a healthier and sexier body.


You’ll Start to Lose Weight

Drinking alcohol is an easy way to increase your calorie intake every day, but you won’t even realize the damage that you’re causing. Just a single margarita could potentially have as many as 300+ calories, and most of those calories will be coming from sugar. If you cut out these beverages from your diet, you’ll find it easier to lose weight, so this is one of the top reasons to stop drinking alcohol.

You’ll Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Another one of the best reasons to stop drinking alcohol is because the National Cancer Institute has stated that drinking alcoholic beverages increases your risk of developing a variety of cancers, including colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the mouth, and cancer of the rectum. The more you drink, the higher your risk will be.

You’ll Be Able to Sleep Better

Sleep is extremely important to your overall health, but if you are drinking alcohol before heading to bed, you will increase the alpha wave brain patterns that will end up disturbing your sleep. And even though alcohol might help you fall asleep deeply and quickly, it will adversely affect the actual quality of your sleep.

You’ll Eat Less

When you drink alcohol, you’ll be more likely to consume more food than you really need. Even being mildly intoxicated will prompt you to eat excess food. So if you are on a diet and you want to lose weight, you should consider cutting out all alcoholic beverages to prevent overeating.

You’ll Have Healthier Skin

After cutting alcohol out of your diet, you should notice that your skin becomes healthier and more hydrated. You might also notice that other skin problems, such as eczema, rosacea, and dandruff, begin to improve. This is because alcohol has a diuretic effect that causes you to have to urinate more, reducing the amount of water in your body.

These are just a few of the many reasons to stop drinking alcohol, so if you’ve been thinking about doing so, you should be even more motivated to stick to your goal.

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