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The Top Trails for Winter Hikes

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In the winter season, hiking is all about choosing the right location. There are several trails for winter hikes in the U.S.

You don’t necessarily have to travel too far to enjoy a winter hike. Select a destination from hundreds of trail systems throughout the U.S. that provide you stunning scenery and assorted terrains in the winter. Make sure you are equipped with the right safety gear and have access to weather forecasts and maps for hiking in the winter. Here is our pick of the top trails for winter hikes.

Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona

This is a formation affectionately known as The Window. It is a massive rock doorway atop the Ventana Canyon overlooking Tucson. The Ventana Canyon is labeled one of the finest-looking spots in the Catalina Mountains. Hiking in the Santa Catalina Mountains can be both rewarding and challenging. For every appealing attraction, there's an ascending climb. The Esperero Trail to Cathedral Rock is regarded one of the most picturesque routes in the Catalinas, as it passes through regions of thick oak forests and desert floor prior to reaching its peak at Cathedral Rock.

Zion National Park, Utah

For hiking enthusiasts who take pleasure in winter hiking but cannot stand the extreme cold, the Zion National Park offers a mild winter hiking experience while at the same time providing impressive blankets of flawless snow. The east side of the park, which is along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway, is the most preferred trail for beautiful winter hikes. As the snow is the deepest in this region of the park, it is better to wear snowshoes. In case you are looking for a less snowy hiking journey, the Watchman, Scoggins Trails, and Eagle Crags are sunny and pleasant in the winter.

Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

The best approach to enjoying a memorable hiking experience in the Petit Jean State Park during the winter is to get a cabin and schedule a series of day hikes during the warm-up sessions at night. As there is no camping offered along the trail, it makes the Petit Jean Park a day-hiking winter trail. By keeping toasty at night and hiking during the day, you will definitely enjoy this option as one of the top trails for winter hikes. The Rockefeller Boy Scout Trail is the most impressive trail in the park, lasting 12 miles from start to finish.

Grafton Notch, Maine

Full of Appalachian appeal and charming beauty, the Grafton Notch is a highly recommended hiking trail to be enjoyed in winter. During colder days, it transforms into a full-fledged winter wonderland as soon as snow hits the ground. A steady flow of snow guarantees that nobody has to fret about an avalanche. Strap on your snowshoes and enjoy trouble-free winter hiking, knowing that your ground isn’t moving anywhere!

It is true that the warmer months aren’t the only time you can hike. The U.S. has several trails that provide a fine hiking and snowshoeing experience for passionate hikers during snowy days. This winter, when you plan your next hiking trip, make sure you check out one of these top trails for winter hikes.

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