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Here's Why Sharing Weight Loss Goals on Social Media isn't Always Good

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You might think that sharing your weight loss goals on social media is a great idea because it can help you stay motivated, and it can show everyone that you are taking your fitness journey seriously. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why sharing your goals online might not be such a good idea after all. 


It’s Important to Consider Those Who Suffer from Eating Disorders


According to Global News, individuals who have eating disorders, or who have recovered from eating disorders, can be susceptible to the messaging that they see online regarding losing weight and exercising all the time. 


When these people read excessive online posts from people bragging about what detoxes and cleanses they’re on, what diets they’re following, how much weight they’re losing, and how much they’re exercising, eating disorder patients may find themselves tempted to go back to old, harmful habits. 


It Isn’t Just About Those with Eating Disorders, Though


In addition to adversely impacting those with eating disorders, posting weight loss goals and fitness statuses on social media can adversely impact other followers who might end up feeling bad about themselves and their bodies. Body shaming issues, combined with a culture that asks people to meet impossible standards, can certainly take their toll on the average person who is scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram. 


Social media can be a harsh place as there are so many Photoshopped images as well as photos with flattering filters applied, that can give off the wrong impression of perfection. Posting about your weight loss goals, and promoting that message to your followers, can make them feel as though they’re doing something wrong if they aren’t also working hard to diet and exercise in extreme ways. 


Consider Keeping a Private Journal to Monitor Your Progress


Rather than sharing your slim down goals on social media, consider keeping a journal in which you can track your workouts and what you have accomplished on your fitness journey thus far. That way, you won’t be putting anything out there that could potentially have a negative impact on someone else.  


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