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12 Low Impact Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

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Many people are under the impression that they need to do more high impact exercises in order to challenge their body and lose weight. On the contrary, there are many different low impact exercises that you can add to your workout schedule in order to burn more calories and fat, get stronger, and slim down.


Check out our list below of 12 low impact exercises that burn the most calories.

Add these into your workout routine when you want to switch things up or challenge yourself in new ways to keep your body guessing. You might be surprised by how intense these workouts can be, despite being kinder on your joints. 


1. Kettlebell strength training – Gets your heart rate up while toning your muscles


2. Rowing – A total body workout that burns serious calories


3. Elliptical – Using this machine gives you the same benefits as running, without the impact on your joints


4. Power Yoga – Keeps you moving to burn more calories, while building strength, stamina, and balance


5. Swimming – A total body workout that keeps your heart rate elevated


6. Barre – Surprisingly challenging, these workouts burn calories and tone muscles


7. Cycling – A great alternative to running, as it’s easier on your joints


8. Brisk walking – You don’t have to jog or run to feel the burn, as walking briskly could also get the job done


9. Inline skating – A fun way to get a low impact workout in while enjoying the outdoors


10. LIT Method – Sign up for this low impact exercise class at your local gym


11. Circuit training – Make a regular strength training session a super calorie burner by avoiding rest between sets


12. TRX – Total body resistance training builds strength while burning calories with bodyweight exercises


As you can see, there are many low impact exercises that burn the most calories. Try these out when you want to lose weight but take a gentler approach than some of the high impact workouts that are very popular today. With the right low impact exercises that burn the most calories, you will get great results in no time. 


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