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Best Weight Loss Beverages for Summer Hydration

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Summertime beverages are refreshing and tasty, but they can also be packed with calories and sugar, making them a bad choice for those who are hoping to lose weight or maintain their healthy weight. Thankfully, there are many choices for those who want to stay hydrated without undoing their fitness progress.

Try some of the best weight loss beverages for summer, listed below. 


Coconut Water


A great alternative to pure water, coconut water is totally natural, tasty, and super hydrating, thanks to its electrolyte content. When you are sweating during hot weather, your electrolyte balance can become imbalanced, but coconut water can help you feel restored and refreshed. Plus, coconut water also has minerals and vitamins that will help keep you feeling great even if you are working out in the sun. Stick with varieties that do not contain added sugars. 


Watermelon Water


Do you love watermelon? Then you will definitely love watermelon water, which tastes just like the fruit and does not need any additional flavors or sugars to be satisfying. This is definitely one of the best weight loss beverages for summer because it comes from a popular summer fruit and it has a sweet taste that so many people love. Plus, it contains electrolytes, minerals, and other nutrients for wellness and balance. 


Iced Rooibos Tea


Rather than reaching for traditional iced black tea, try some herbal iced rooibos tea, which does not contain any caffeine and is a great alternative to water. Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin C, rooibos tea will help you feel totally refreshed, and you can always add a bit of stevia to sweeten if up. 


Lemon Water


Super simple lemon water is also a great beverage for those who want to hydrate during the hottest summer days without undoing their weight loss progress. This is a great way to get the water intake that you need, while also enjoying a bit of flavor and some extra nourishment through the vitamin C and enzymes in the lemon. 


Green Smoothie


Finally, a green smoothie made at home with some fresh or frozen fruits and veggies is a great way to hydrate your body, enjoy some natural sweet flavor, and give your body a host of antioxidants and nutrients to remain strong and balanced. 


After giving a few of the best weight loss beverages for summer a try, you will be able to determine which ones are your favorites. Then you can drink them guilt-free, especially if you are also taking a weight management product like Phendimetrazine to stay one track. 


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