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Ways to Be More Active When You Have a Desk Job

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These days, everyone knows the risks of sitting down all day at work, especially with that whole “sitting is the new smoking” slogan. While it gets irritating to hear, it’s true, and sitting all day can have numerous negative effects on your health.

So, if you have a job that keeps you sedentary for 8 to 10 hours per day, try some of these tips to keep the blood pumping.

Tips to Get Active When You Have a Desk Job 

Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks are the new hot thing for the workplace, and for good reason. While there are several versions and models for standing desks, the best ones are convertible, so they’ll work as a desktop when you need to sit, and then can be raised up to standing height so that you can get out of your chair once in a while. Standing helps avoid leg cramping and low back pain associated with sitting, and also improves circulation.

Skip The Intercom

Instead of making inter-office calls while sitting down, get up and move around and go see the person face-to-face. Rather than emailing that memo, make a copy of it and hand deliver it to your coworker or boss. Get other people in on it as well. Need to go over something on your screen with someone? Go find them and get them to walk back to your office with you, rather than just emailing or doing some kind of screen share. 

Set a Reminder

If you simply don’t have the kind of work that requires as much interaction as suggested above, set an alarm for yourself as a reminder to get up and stretch those legs once in a while. You should be moving around at least every hour, so set an alarm to go off every hour, and then get up and walk around. Get some fresh air, have a drink of water, refill your coffee, and just keep moving.

Bring the Gym to the Office

Bringing workout gear like dumbbells or leg weights to the office could be exactly what you need to be more active daily. Take a break each hour and do some standing bicep curls, or take a walk to the coffee machine with ankle weights on. You can even pick up a miniature stationary bike that lets you pedal while you sit—perfect for those times when you can’t just get up and wander around.

These are just a few simple ideas to get you moving at work. Remember: working hard and making that money isn’t going to do you a lot of good if your health is at risk and you can’t live long enough to enjoy the rewards.


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