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Expert Fitness Advice: What to Do on Rest Days

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When you’re trying to keep up a great fitness routine, the question will eventually arise regarding what to do on rest days. After all, it’s easy to go online, speak with a doctor or talk to a personal trainer to design your workouts.  

This is great for making sure you will give your body a complete workout that includes both strength training and cardio.


That said, any good fitness expert will tell you that you also need to give your muscles time to recover.  This means there will be days when you can’t use the same muscle groups you’ve previously used.  That said, you’re still left wondering about what to do on rest days.


Is it just a matter of stopping everything and spending the day on the couch?  What to do on rest days is often a matter of your goals and personal preferences.  Remember that this time is meant for helping your body to recover, condition and improve your movement patterns.


If you’re seriously into fitness, then rest days can feel very unpleasant.  You can feel forced to be idle when all you want to do is get back to your routine.  That said, you can’t give into that feeling. As soon as you do, your rest day will be lost.  You’ll find yourself doing something and making an excuse to justify it.  Remind yourself that recovery is just as important as the time you spend on your workouts.


To avoid the struggle of feeling idle and to make sure you still get the most out of your rest day, take the time to come up with a plan. Think about things you like to do that don’t involve a workout or a sport.  Then, make sure you have plans for that type of activity. 


This can include going to a movie, getting a massage, doing gentle yoga – there are certain forms designed specifically for healthful conditioning and recovery – or just spending time with friends.  You can also take a class or teach yourself to cook.  After all, learning about proper nutrition and how to prepare tasty meals that fit into that strategy can go a long way toward helping you to reach your goals.


It’s good for your mental health as well as your physical health to be able to recover properly.  If you become too addicted to fitness you’ll harm its benefits and you may even alienate yourself.  If all you do and all you talk about is fitness, your friends might start finding you hard to be around.  Start reminding yourself of the benefits of calm non-physical activities that can promote better mental health and make you happier in your life overall.

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