Phendimetrazine Drug Information

Generic Name: phendimetrazine (fen di MEH tra zeen)
Brand Names: Adipost, Anorex-SR, Appecon, Bontril PDM, Bontril Slow-Release, Melfiat, Obezine, Phendiet, Plegine, Prelu-2, Statobex

Brief Q and A Information About Phendimetrazine

Weight loss drugs are not difficult to find. Therefore, if you’re interested in using this method to help you lose those extra pounds you just can’t seem to eliminate, you’ll discover there are plenty of diverse products on the market, such as Phendimetrazine, that may help you achieve your goal.

If you are unfamiliar with Phendimetrazine, the following is some brief information about this went control aid that you may find useful.

What is Phendimetrazine? Also known as Phendimetrazine Tartrate, it is an anorexigeinc or anorectic drug that is designed to help an individual lose weight by suppressing their appetite. It is FDA approved and is available by prescription only. It is available in pill and tablet form in 35 mg, as well as in 105 mg for faster weight reduction.

How does it work? Phendimetrazine is a sympathomimetic amine and acts like an amphetamine. It targets the central nervous system, stimulating the brain and the nerves. The result of this stimulation increases blood pressure and heart rate, while at the same time reduces appetite. The suppression of hunger leads to a decrease in weight by essentially causing the user to consume fewer calories.

Does Phendimetrazine have side effects? Yes. Like most pharmaceutical formulas, there is always the risk that side effects may occur. This medication may cause dizziness, headache, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, hyperactivity, constipation, upset stomach, diarrhea irritability, impotence, etc. It may also cause more severe problems in some people. Some (but not all) examples include: shortness of breath, feet and ankle swelling, extreme mood changes, and chest pain.

Is this product ideal for everyone? No. It is not recommended for some individuals, such as those with certain health conditions like an overactive thyroid, high blood pressure that is uncontrolled or severe, heart disease, glaucoma, etc. Furthermore, this medication is primarily prescribed by physicians as a short-term treatment for obesity and is meant to be used in conjunction with a weight-loss plan that typically includes exercise and a proper diet.

These are some of the more common questions that are asked about the prescription weight management drug Phendimetrazine. To learn more about this product and to find out if it is ideal for your specific needs and lifestyle, you should consult with your healthcare provider. It is important to know how this drug or any other weight management formulation (chemical or natural) may affect your body to ensure that the possible benefits outweigh the potential risks.

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