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Prescription Weight Loss Pills - Are They for You?

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Are you asking yourself if prescription weight loss pills are for you, because you’ve been struggling to lose weight and any pounds you do lose won’t stay gone? It’s a common problem.  Your goal is a challenging one. That said, those medications aren’t for everyone, so it’s important to understand what they’re all about – and speak with your doctor, of course – before you set your heart on them.

Who Gets a Prescription for Weight Loss Pills?

Naturally, prescription weight loss pills are available only if your doctor prescribes them to you. That said, your doctor won’t whip out the pad for just anyone who is trying to lose a few pounds.  These medications are serious, and while they can offer substantial benefits to the right candidates for them, they can be harmful or even dangerous if misused.

Therefore, your doctor will may only recommend prescription weight loss pills for you if you meet one of the following and haven’t been able to lose body fat through diet and exercise:

  •         You have a BMI higher than 30 and therefore technically have obesity.
  •         Your BMI is greater than 27, but you also have a serious medical condition linked with excess body weight such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  •      Your medical history and current health suggest that the benefits provided by these drugs would be greater than the risks that come with using them.

What Should You Discuss with Your Doctor?

While talking with your doctor about prescription weight loss pills, be sure to talk about your complete medical history including any conditions you may currently have, as well as medications or supplements (yes, even dietary supplements or over the counter diet pills) you’re currently taking, have recently taking, or plan to take during the time when you’d be using the prescribed drugs.

It’s also important to talk about the pros and cons of the medication itself. How should you take it? What benefits should you expect? What side effects are common? Which ones are rare? What should you do if you experience them?

It is also important to remember that these medications don’t cause fat to magically disappear on its own. You will need to follow your doctor’s recommendations for sticking to a diet and improving your physical activity level. Those are the steps that will cause the pounds to be lost.  The prescription weight loss pills are there only to support those efforts and to help make them easier for you as you build them into your daily habits.

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